Since long before the beginning of recorded history, gold has been a symbol of wealth, success, trust, love, commitment and performance.

Few precious metals rival the stability of gold as an investment. Its beauty and durability have determined its longevity in the jewellery trade.

So, whether you are looking for a stable investment, a keepsake or a piece of fine jewellery, you can’t go wrong with purchasing gold.

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How and when we price

The price of our gold, silver and platinum products is aligned with the spot price using an API feed supplied by The gold price chart may be viewed by selecting the Gold Price in the navigation at the top of the page. The feed uses prices from several leading market sources and uses an algorithm to produce a price that is never more than $0.02 cents per gram different than 

The price presented is converted into ZAR (South African Rands). The current USD/ZAR exchange rate may be viewed at the top of the page.

The shopping cart is available during trading hours to purchase our products online using live prices. The price feed is enabled with live cart pricing so that the purchase price is determined only upon completion of the checkout process.

Our trading hours are Monday to Thursday 08h00 to 15h00 and Friday 08h00 to 13h00.

Out of trading hours, the checkout may be used to request an order. We will email you to confirm your request immediately and we will contact you again once the markets open on the next trading day to complete your order. Prices will be set when trading hours open again.